Calvary Baptist Church
Monday, October 03, 2022


Scroll down through our ministries and see the opportunities for service available for you and your family at Calvary Baptist Church.  Then come see us this week and involve your family in those things that will help them grow in their Christian faith.


PRESCHOOL MINISTRY - (Infant to 3 years during Sunday School and Worship Service)

Jesus loves the little children; and Calvary does, too. Our Preschool Ministry is a nurturing place where caring adults show children God's love in a warm, clean, and safe environment.

Children, birth through three years old, are assigned to preschool rooms based on their date of birth.  They are loved, cared for and taught in their classroom allowing parents to attend Sunday School and Worship services without worry or concern.

We use a wireless pager system in the nursery.  Parents are assigned a pager when they drop off their infants.  If the parents are needed during Sunday School or Worship, they are paged; otherwise, they can enjoy both the Sunday School and the Worship service, knowing their child is receiving the very best of care.

If you have any questions about the Preschool Ministry or if you would like to receive information on how you can become involved in this nurturing ministry, please contact our church office at (704) 633-2567.

CHILDREN'S MINISTRY - (1st through 5th grade during Sunday School)

Calvary Baptist Church is committed to partnering with you as a parent, helping your children discover the bright future that is ours through Jesus Christ. The Children's Ministry is for children in 1st through 5th grades.

Every week and throughout the year, you'll discover a well-rounded program that includes:

  • Sunday School
  • Children's Church
  • Trunk or Treat
  • Christmas Program
  • Vacation Bible School
  • and various other Children Activities
  • Easter Egg Hunt


STUDENT MINISTRY - (6th through 12th Grades)

The purpose of the Student Ministry at Calvary Baptist Church is to reach students and to develop them into fully mature, reproducing followers of Christ.  Our goal is to become a community of students and leaders committed to letting God change our lives, strengthen our families, change our friends' lives, build the church and impact our world.   To accomplish this we offer many activities such as:

  • Annual Mission Trips
  • Summer Camps
  • Lock-ins
  • Exciting Monthly Activities
  • Weekly Discipleship and Accountability Groups

  Our church van runs each  Wednesdays for those needing rides to Calvary.

Young people today face extraordinary challenges, changing gender roles, the lure of self-fulfillment as a primary goal, moral decay, and their spiritual and ethical environments are pervaded by cultural and religious relativism.  We "Partner with Parents", because biblically we cannot substitute for parents, but we can scripturally support parents.  We at Calvary Baptist Church take seriously our role and want to develop teenagers in the Salisbury and Spencer area.



There really is something for everyone at Calvary!  Calvary's Adult Ministries are specifically designed to meet and minister to your needs and the needs of your family.



The main "connection point" for Calvary's Adult Ministries is our Sunday Morning Bible Study Program.  Through our Sunday Morning Bible Study classes you will gain practical insight into God's Word as well as develop meaningful and lasting relationships. Caring and committed teachers lead couple’s classes during the different stages of life.  Additional classes are also offered for those desiring to attend all men’s or all women’s classes.



At Calvary, we believe that it is vitally important as a church to be developing and discipling men to be the Godly servant leaders that God intends for them to be.  Through prayer breakfasts, mission's trips and mission projects, we minister to the men in our community while teaching life-changing principles from God's Word.



The Women's Ministry at Calvary has a strong history that includes mission emphases, mother/daughter events, mission projects and ladies' banquets with special speakers.   These opportunities are meant not only to encourage the ladies at Calvary, but also provide significant avenues to invite the ladies of our community to become part of the Women's Ministry at Calvary.



Calvary's Senior Adult Ministry is a very special part of the heart and hope of Calvary Baptist Church. Our own Nancy Dudley gives capable leadership to this important ministry. Through this aspect of our service, we honor and minister to those who have faithfully led and supported Calvary for many years, as well as reach out to the senior adults in our community.  Our senior adults have the opportunity to become involved in retreats, monthly luncheons and several one-day trips with other mission and service projects throughout the year.  Sometimes, our senior adults simply get together for games and fellowship.  There's never a dull moment in the Senior Adult Ministry.

There's more we would love to share with you about the opportunities that can be found in our Senior Adult Ministries.



Learning to worship God is an important key to a victorious Christian life. Leading others to do the same is also a great blessing.  Involvement in the Music and Worship Ministry gives you an opportunity to do both!  Regardless of your age or musical background, the Music and Worship Ministry. Presently Calvary Offers a graded Children's and Preschool Choir Ministry, Adult Celebration Choir, Praise Team, plus solos, duets, and ensembles on occasion.

The Music Ministry is soundly based on Christian teaching and is a major element in our Worship Services. As "style" is not considered as important as ministry; we prefer to share and meet the needs of all those attending Calvary using various styles and genres of music. Therefore we welcome contemporary, traditional, blended, Gospel and other areas of the Christian Arts to help lead others into a genuine Worship experience. "We are always looking to improve and grow in our choir membership as well as our ministry experiences and opportunities. Training for Children's choirs leadership is provided for each leader before the choirs resume in late August. 

Along with our choirs, Calvary offers opportunities for Drama and Creative Ministries. These ministry opportunities include Banner ministry, Drama, Sign and Interpretative movement, as well as major cantatas and or musicals presented  seasonally.


If you have any questions about these ministries please contact the church office

(704) 633-2567.